Full Spectrum CBD Body Cream

with willow bark extract


Muscle & Pain Relief

Pain does not discriminate. The mental and physical strain our body goes through from the impact of our daily routines affect us all. Joint inflammation, muscle aches, and built-up tension in the body can be disruptive and frustrating. Like a thermostat, CBD kicks in right when you need it, bringing your body back into a comfortable state and provide relief. We want to give everyone the chance to live free of the daily ailments that hold us back from being truly present in our lives.

Your Wellness Journey

A gentle reminder that growth and progress are not linear. Don’t minimize what you feel because that in return, disregards who you are. We’ve all been touched by pain and discomforts, but we shouldn’t allow that to dictate our lives. Move forward and stay proactive on your road to wellness.


Not Private Labeled

We pride ourselves in crafting our own products in house to ensure the use of the highest quality ingredients so we can achieve the most effective product.

C02 Extraction

This method avoids using harsh chemicals and solvents within our isolation process. In doing so, our products retain naturally occurring cannabinoids and compounds free from trace amounts of harsh chemicals.


We use micro-batching to provide consistency across our entire line. By doing this, it allows us to monitor the ingredients and provide the most effective products possible.

30 Day money back guarantee!

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